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Build To Earn

Are you an active contributor to open source? It's time to get fair rewards for your hard work! With MintyCode, you can earn financial rewards for contributing to open source, fixing errors and maintaining open source projects.

Build to Own

Build community of software contributors by sharing ownership of your source code. License your code and split licensing fees with co-authors. You can finally configure different pricing strategies for your code!

Get Attribution as Software Creator

As an author of the source code you have the right to attribution! With MintyCode marketplace your copyrights are better protected.

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MintyCode DAO

Join the community of experienced Software Creators to shape together the future of fair, transparent and decentralised open source where your authorship rights are respected and your hard work is fairly rewarded.

The Journey

Join MintyCode DAO now to track our journey of building first Decentralised Marketplace for Software Creators!


Marketplace Launch

Marketplace launch for pre-registered community members on the waitlist. Register now to get updates.


Membership Token Launch

Each community member will receive a governance token to vote on MintyCode DAO proposals.


Fair and Transparent Open Source

Public release of Decentralised IP protocols for software contributors.



Contribute to most famous open source projects and receive fair attribution and reward.

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